Heilongjiang University



2020 Chinese bridge online group project--Chinese language and culture online winter camp


Heilongjiang University is the northeast base of international Chinese education and the training base for overseas Chinese language teachers. The university has held Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for many times. The 2020 winter camp aims to enhance the ability of international students to learn Chinese, to improve the understanding and experience of Chinese language and culture of whom are fond of learning Chinese, to enrich the multicultural knowledge of overseas students and lay a solid foundation for their study and exchange in China. As for the content, the winter camp highlights the interaction between language and culture. The origin of Chinese is explained through introducing Chinese culture and Chinese thinking pattern is analyzed based on learning the language.The camp provides language and culture courses with unique themes, which helps students to master the language characteristics and learning methods and to deeply understand Chinese philosophy, culture and spirit. The teachers of the winter camp have more than ten years of experience in teaching Chinese domestically and overseas. They have been responsible for many long-term and short-term training projects for foreign students in China. In this winter camp, masters of Chinese International Education are also arranged as assistants to provide individual tutoring in order to ensure the study results.

黑龙江大学是中国国际汉语教育东北基地、海外汉语教师培训基地,多次举办“汉语桥”夏令营活动。本届冬令营(2020年)旨在提高国际学生汉语学习能力,加深中文爱好者对中国语言文化的了解和体验,丰富海外学员的多元文化知识储备,为今后来华学习交流打好基础。 在教学内容上突出语言与文化的相互作用,通过文化讲解语言的产生依据,通过语言介绍中国人的思维文化。提供有主题特色的语言文化课程,增强学员对汉语特点及学习方法的掌握,让学员们深入理解中国理念、中国文化和中国精神。 冬令营师资团队的理论课教师均具有十年以上对外汉语教学经验及海外汉语教学经历,多次承担外国留学生来华长、短期项目培训工作。此次冬令营还通过安排汉语国际教育专业的硕士作为助教对国际学生进行单独辅导的方式保证学员的学习效果。

General Courses 通用课程