Wenzhou University



This program integrates language learning into culture teaching, and leads the campers to understand the cultural features of the past and modern China, as well as the modern science and technology and cultural charm of Wenzhou in Confucius, Mencius, Laozhuang, poetry, poetry, chess, calligraphy and painting, and eating, drinking and playing. The combination of video and audio with teachers' cross talk shows a new Wenzhou with developed, open and unique cultural charm for the world. The course is mainly featured by Wenzhou culture experience course with unique local characteristics. In a short period of half a month, we will let everyone participate in the cultural experience courses in the form of tea tasting, eating, watching, writing, painting, singing, tourism and other cultural experience courses. Besides the introduction of Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage such as Ou Kiln, Ou Opera, Ou Cuisine, Ou Embroidery, there will be interesting Chinese Oral Communication, Picture Book Reading, Cultural Classics Guide and other language courses, 30 minutes per class, 60 sections in total.




General Courses 通用课程