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Donghua University, where the dream begins!







Weave Your Dream at Donghua University!

Donghua University adheres to the philosophy of "students' all-round development and success as the center."

Donghua University supports the great cause of national development strategy through its excellent academic strength

Donghua University carries on projects closely related to people's livelihood through the unremitting pursuit of innovation!

In frontier fields such as aerospace, national defense, building environmental protection, and new materials, Donghua University shines with wisdom.

Over the last 70 years, it has been leading the teachers and students of Donghua University with unremitting efforts, and it continually stands at the forefront of the development of the times. In 1951, the first textile higher education institution of new China came into being. East China Textile Institute of Technology was established by merging the textile Department of Jiaotong University, the private Shanghai Textile Institute of Technology, and the Textile Department of Shanghai Industrial Junior College. In 1985 it was renamed China Textile University. In 1999 it got its present name: Donghua University. Today, Donghua University adheres to the school motto of "abide by the moral and studious, be practical and inspiring," which carries forward and practices the spirit of "being positive, loving and honoring the school, advocating academics, pursuing excellence, and devoting to work." On this warm campus, many young people's dreams set sail.