Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics



“Harmony and Cooperation” online cultural activities of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics (XJUFE) in 2021 is the “Chinese Bridge” delegation bi-cultural exchange online program initiated by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Ministry of Education of China. The theme of the program is to “value one’s own culture and that of others as well, build a diversified and harmonious world. Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, China is collaborating with Zhubanov University, Kazakhstan to host a 10-day online learning experience course for Kazakhstan Chinese learners. The program adopts the forms of real-time teaching, online activities and video courses, with Chinese and Kazakhstan teachers teaching together, Chinese and Kazakhstan participants engaged in the interaction. As for the course, language learning part accounts for 44%, including daily life expressions such as greetings, shopping, meal ordering, room booking and daily trip, etc. The real-time lecture takes up 7 hours which covers six aspects: “clothing culture” “ice and snow sports” “consumer culture” “movie appreciation” “Sino-Kazakhstan relationship” and “Chinese paper cutting”. Recorded video part lasts 230 minutes, including four videos: Xinjiang Cuisine of China, The Art of Chinese Calligraphy, Appreciation and Practice of the Chinese Painting and Ice and Snow Tour in Xinjiang, China. Through language teaching and culture experiencing, the program offers Chinese and Kazakhstan participants opportunities to communicate online to enhance mutual understanding, which will promote understanding between peoples of two countries in the long run.




Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程