Yunnan University



"Chinese Bridge Delegation Online: Cultural Experience Camp on Chinese Language & Traditional Arts",hosted by Yunnan University will be opened on 23rd April, 2023. The Camp combines Chinese knowledge with music and calligraphy learning, help campers learn Chinese pronunciation, the historical evolution of Chinese characters and the formation of characters, also understand Yunnan folk songs and Chinese calligraphy. Through virtual travel to Museum and online experience of Chinese culture, the campers can get a better understanding of Chinese culture. The course will be taught by teachers from the School of International Chinese Language Education, the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and the School of Art and Design. The music courses will guide the campers to appreciate and learn Yunnan folk songs. The calligraphy courses focus on the topic of explanation and practice, then the campers can master the basic skills. Thereby, the campers can go into the palace of Chinese folk songs and calligraphy, which provide a richer features for Chinese learning.


General Courses 通用课程