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In response to meeting the demand of learning Chinese and understanding contemporary China for Bangladeshi teenagers, Yunnan University will host "Learning Chinese Understanding China ---“Chinese Bridge” Delegation Online Winter Camp for Bangladesh Youths in January,2023. This program is the forth camps organized by Yunnan University since 2017 for Bangladeshi teenagers. This winter camp will help campers improve their language skills through online live classes with four themes, namely "Chinese Classes" (Campers will be divided into different classes based on their language skills), "Travel in Yunnan with Me", "Bangladesh & China Youth Dialogue", and "Culture Forum". The camp will also provide recorded classes as complementary materials to help the campers strengthen their language application ability. Through virtual travel to Yunnan University and other major universities in Yunnan Province, and lectures on Chinese culture, the campers will learn more about contemporary China, including campus life, harmonious development between man and nature, and daily life of people in China,which helps campers to better adapt the life when they study in China in future. Bangladesh & China Youth Dialogue aims to promote friendly communication and exchanges between Bangladeshi and Chinese youths, thus enhancing the friendship between each other and embodying the concept of mutual cultural learning and building a community with a shared future for humanity. The camp will present the learning achievements of each camper and certificate to campers on the closing ceremony, to encourage them to learn and use Chinese, reflect the concept of Chinese Bridge of "Learn Chinese, Double Your World".

为满足广大孟加拉国青少年学习汉语,了解当代中国的需求,云南大学将于2023年1月举办“学中文 知中国——孟加拉国青少年“汉语桥”线上冬令营”。这是继2017年以来云南大学举行的第四届孟加拉国青少年交流营。


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