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Tea culture is a shining pearl of traditional Chinese culture which enjoys a very long history. The 2022 online collections of “Chinese Bridge” the courses of Chinese tea culture" Learning Chinese Characters • Feeling the Charm of Chinese Tea". This 12-day course will offer 4 class hours of Chinese language courses, 6 tea culture online talks, and 2 events for tea culture intercourse, accompanied by a variety of pre-recorded video clips. From ancient times, tea has been an important Chinese element in international contacts and communication and an important way for the world to recognize China. Therefore, aimed at improving the impression of Chinese traditional culture, strengthening educational exchanges and building a platform for learning, communication and sharing about and experiencing Chinese tea culture.

茶文化在中国的传承历史悠久,是中国文化的瑰宝。沈阳师范大学举办2022年 “汉语桥”线上团组《学习中国汉字•感受中华茶韵》中国茶文化系列课程。本次课程将为期12天,共安排4课时中文课程、6场茶文化直播课程、2场“茶文化双向交流”活动,以及丰富多彩的录播视频课程。古往今来,茶是中外交流历史中重要的中国元素,是世界了解中国的重要途径。因此,希望通过课程学习能够增进对中国优秀传统文化的了解,加强中外教育交流,搭建了解和体验中国茶文化的学习和沟通分享的平台。

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