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“Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang”Online Winter Camp


The "Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang" Online Winter Camp of Zhejiang University of Finance and economics presents the unique Jiangnan culture from four aspects- clothing, food, housing and transportation, through creative design, script discussion and field shooting by professional teams. The use of ancient cultural elements such as Hanfu, Cheongsam, bamboo slips and oil paper umbrellas, will give learners a visual impact and experience of "traveling" in Jiangnan- regions the south of the Yangtze River, and greatly enhance the attraction of Jiangnan culture. Starting from traditional culture, we extend to contemporary Zhejiang, organically integrating Jiangnan culture and intelligent life, and further demonstrate the achievements of Hangzhou's modern urban governance and innovation development, such as Dream Town, Qianjiang New CBD, modern campus, Hangzhou cuisine, etc. The program will lead the learners to immerse themselves in it and appreciate the charm of contemporary Hangzhou from ancient times to the present. We will also arrange the best TCFL teachers to teach Chinese online according to the video content through various forms, such as teacher explanation, online interaction and Chinese learning APP. With language as the carrier, culture as the soul and time as the axis, we will gradually open the scroll of traditional Jiangnan culture and contemporary civilization, so as to make language learning more experiential and deepen learners' understanding of Jiangnan culture.



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