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ZUFE Establishes Wenhua Academy to Prompt Distinctive Cultivation of “Culture+Major” for International Students



Wenhua Academy -- a great attempt by Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics to realize the characteristic cultivation of “culture+major” for international students

The Wenhua Academy of ZUFE has recently been established to strengthen traditional Chinese culture education for international students.

“International students are cultural ambassadors,as they can help to spread Chinese culture to the world.” According to Li Zhanrong, Vice President of ZUFE, “Wenhua Academy is a great attempt by ZUFE to realize the characteristic cultivation of ‘culture + major’ for international students. We build a Chinese cultural experience center, which is combined with traditional Chinese culture courses, series of lectures and practices. It enables international students to experience Chinese culture while learning Chinese, and enhance their sense of acceptance of Chinese traditional culture.”

In recent years, ZUFE has opened a series of Chinese traditional culture courses for international students, involving Chinese rituals, guqin, chess, penmanship, painting. For example, "China Overview", "Chinese Culture", "Chinese History", "Appreciation of Chinese Literary Works", "Introduction to Chinese Painting and Calligraphy", "Chinese Etiquette and Music", "Chinese Martial Arts", "Chinese Food Culture", etc. Teachers combine the content of cultural courses with Chinese stories , so that international students can experience Chinese culture, increase their sense of acceptance of Chinese culture, and arouse interest in learning Chinese.

ZUFE has also organized a series of sino-foreign cultural excange activities, such as "Achieving Dreams in China , Communication with the World", “The First Sino-foreign Cultural Exchange Festival of ZUFE”, "The Belt and Road: Chinese Culture Shining in the World", "Knowledge and Culture,Emotion of Family and Country". Those activities have attracted thousands of Chinese and foreign teachers and students. The recitation of the Book of Songs displayed ancient Chinese etiquette and civilization, while Cheongsam Fashion Show interpreted the changes of traditional Chinese costumes. Moreover, the combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments, free-style Chinese calligraphy and painting, multi-language chorus, not only show traditional Chinese culture, but also build a communicating platform for Chinese and international students to enhance friendship.