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The recorded online course of "Insight into China II " Program is mainly a series of special lectures on cross-cultural understanding, covering five themes with the flavor of The Times, such as "Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Chinese Tea Culture", "A Bite of China", "The Character of Chinese People" and "Made in China". It combines traditional culture with modern culture to restore the real face of contemporary China. It will show the passion, diligence and simplicity of the Chinese people, and promote the intercultural understanding of "contemporary China" by means of "equal conversation" ,“culture experience”and "interaction". It will lead the students to aprroach China, be on intimate terms with Chinese people and feel the charm of contemporary China in an all-round way.

本期“悦读中国II ”录播课程主要为跨文化理解系列专题讲座,涵盖了“中国医药”、“中国茶道”、“中国味道”、“中国性格”、“中国制造”等具有时代气息的五个主题,将传统文化与现代文化相融合,还原当代中国的真实面貌,展现中国人热情、勤劳、朴实的民族性格,并且用 “平等对话”、“文化体验”与“互动”的方式促进留学生对“当代中国”的跨文化理解,带领学生走进中国,走近中国人,全方位感受当代中国的魅力。

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程