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Chongqing Jihua Middle School





Founded in 1995, Chongqing Jihua Middle School is a senior high school jointly set up by Yubei District Government, the overseas Chinese Office under the State Council, Jinan University and Huaqiao University. The school covers an area of 86 acres. It is located in the core area of Liangjiang New Area and on the bank of Shuanglong Lake with beautiful scenery. The campus, full of green trees and fragrant flowers, is a good place for students to study in. The name of the school is autographed by Qian Weichang, the world-famous scientist, educationist and the father of mechanics. 

Featured as the overseas Chinese education base, Chinese education practice base, overseas students social practice base and DSD education project school, Chongqing Jihua middle school adheres to the road of connotative development and open-up enrollment, highlights the characteristics of "integrating cultures and highlighting the essence of Chinese language", extensively carries out foreign exchange and cooperation, and leads the international exchange level in the forefront of the whole city.

Since the establishment of the Chinese education base, the school has actively spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture and achieved fruitful results. It has hosted many activities such as the Chongqing summer (winter) camp of "Chinese Root Seeking Tour", received 552 students of Chinese new generation from the United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Myanmar, etc., and 235 oversea Chinese language teachers as well as the headmasters of overseas Chinese school through “Red Candle Overseas Trip to Hometown”, “Chinese Bridge”. It also hosted the "overseas Chinese Culture Tour - longitude latitude Portugal camp", actively participated in activities such as Sydney camp in Australia, Seoul camp in South Korea, Vancouver camp in Canada and Quito camp in Ecuador, and sent 25 excellent teachers in 13 groups to participate in teaching work in the United States, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Ecuador, Portugal and other countries, training more than 400 overseas Chinese teachers. It has established contact mechanism with 76 Chinese schools in 22 countries and signed agreements on becoming international sister schools with 17 schools, forming an opening-up image of Chongqing’s education, which effectively promoted the cultural exchange and integration between China and foreign countries.