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Online Tour of Ancient Capital


The program includes three parts: Chinese learning, cultural experience and communication between Chinese and foreign youth. Chinese learning part takes the cultivation of oral communication ability as the main goal, and carries out online small group learning with different levels through interactive teaching methodology; Cultural experience part is themed with "Online Tour of Ancient Capital",highlighting the historical and cultural characteristics of Xi’an City in Shaanxi Province where Northwestern University is located. It gives the students a taste of long time history and culture of ancient China by visiting Terracotta Warriors, Hanyang Mausoleum, Qian Mausoleum, Datang Everbright City, Ming City Wall and other historical and cultural sites and live record of contemporary life in Xi’an. It also displays.modern China society features through Shaanxi cuisine and modern Xi 'an online tour, etc. Besides, the Q&A and competition part increases the interactivity and stimulates the enthusiasm of the students to learn and participate in the activities.The program aims to enable students to understand the context and details of traditional civilization and the real life of today's China in 10 days. In the Sino-foreign youth exchange part, the Chinese students (students majoring in foreign languages and teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages) with positive political thinking, foreign language abilities and intercultural communication experience will be selected from Northwest University. Through one-to-one online communication, the students will be provided with the opportunity to have a dialogue with their Chinese youth partners.


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