Zhejiang Normal University



Online Chinese Learning Camp: A Travelling Experience with Poems


It is a free online Chinese learning camp supported by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and organized by The College of International Culture and Education, ZJNU. Throughout online classes, online activities and video courses, the camp aims at providing cultural experience and improving Chinese language level for international students who are learning or fancying Chinese. In the ten-day tour, students can travel Chinese attractions online and explore Chinese culture by watching Chinese movies and series, declaiming Chinese classics and making Vlog videos. The major classes will start from January 25th, 2021 to February Sth,2021. Classes will provide online Chinese learning and travelling experience for students throughout poems. Within the online travel, students will visit ancient Chinese buildings, cultural sites and natural attractions of Zhejiang Province, and enjoy the Wu and Shaoxing Operas, etc.

General Courses 通用课程