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"The Light that Drives the World - Science and Technology in China" Northeast Normal University Online Camp is a course for Chinese learners on China's scientific and technological achievements as well as China's scientific and technological innovations, which is both knowledgeable and interesting, with Chinese characteristics and suitable for all levels of Chinese learners. In the 40 years of reform and opening up, and especially since the 18th Party Congress, China has made remarkable achievements in science and technology innovation: its overall strength has continued to rise, and some outstanding areas have started to enter the parallel or even leading stage. Today there is a global race for knowledge, and technological innovation can not only change the fate of individuals, but also influence the revival and future of a country. Today is a great time for the development of the motherland, and the strength of science and technology will certainly lead to the improvement of national defence. The national prosperity and peace will also appear in the great revival of the Chinese nation. The development of science and technology will direct the development of the whole nation. Therefore, the Chinese Science and Technology course not only introduces overseas students to the rapid development of science and technology, but also inspires students to love and learn science, and gives them better access to cutting-edge technology knowledge.



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