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The "Chinese Bridge - The Story of Chinese Characters" Northeast Normal University online camp is a course for Chinese language learners on basic Chinese characters and the evolution of it. It is also a basic Chinese course. The course is designed in conjunction with the language knowledge points covered in the course on the daily application of Chinese characters, and is suitable for Chinese language learners of all levels. Chinese characters are one of the oldest scripts in history. It is the oldest script in the world that is still in use today. The history of Chinese characters is a historical process that has developed and evolved over thousands of years. The charm of Chinese characters lies in their simplicity, precision and internal connotation. Chinese characters have the highest information density, are highly discriminating, and are both concise and easy to understand. Whatever you wish to say, Chinese characters will help you say it out loud! It is the root of the wisdom of the Chinese people and the source of the vitality of Eastern culture.



General Courses 通用课程