Northeast Normal University


The “Chinese Bridge-Entering Chinese Civilization” Online Camp of Northeast Normal University is a course to introduce Chinese historical figures and Chinese history and culture for Chinese learners. Among them, the course that introduces Chinese historical figures cooperates with the language points involved in Chinese history and culture course to teach Chinese. The course goes from the shallower to the deeper and is suitable for Chinese learners at all levels. China has a long history. As one of the ancient civilizations in the world, Chinese culture has shown extremely vigorous vitality in the process of inheritance and development. The influence of Chinese history also spreads all over the world. For example, the Buddhist culture of the Tang Dynasty has a deep impact on Japan, and China’s unique Confucian culture has gained recognition from East Asian countries. At the same time, politicians of ancient China such as Han Feizi and Chuang-tzu have also received extensive attention in foreign academia. China’s ancient advanced science and technology such as compass and gunpowder have made invaluable contributions to the development at home and abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce Chinese history for us to further learn extensive and profound Chinese civilization.



General Courses 通用课程