Northeast Normal University


"The Belt and Road, Eurasian Land Bridge" Series - Hola, Dear China is an online camp for Chinese language learners at Northeast Normal University. The camp offers a series of courses to give Spanish students a more comprehensive and thorough view of Chinese culture, the living standards of the Chinese people today, the natural resources and modern industrial development of Northeast China, and the unique charm of Northeast China's culture in the history. The Spanish students in Changchun, China are the main characters of this offline tour of Chinese culture, which is based on their study and life in China, and introduces all aspects of Chinese culture from the first perspective of the Spanish students, with the participation of the relevant teachers and students(with Chinese and Spanish subtitles). The course is rich in Chinese elements and has a strong regional character of northern China, and is suitable for all levels of Chinese language learners.

“丝路襟带 欧亚陆桥”系列活动—Hola,美妙的中国是东北师范大学针对中文学习者,开展的线上交流营,此次交流营设置了一系列课程,通过课程当中的讲解与交流,让来自于西班牙的朋友们更加全面、立体的感知中华文化,感受当今中国人民的生活水平,了解地大物博的东北自然资源与现代工业的蓬勃发展,沿着历史的脚步品味东北文化的独特魅力。 


General Courses 通用课程