Shandong Normal University



Based on the concept of multi-dimensional interaction, two-way communication and win-win cooperation, this project aims to adopt a multi-dimensional interactive teaching mode combining teachers-students, Chinese students-foreign students, international students-foreign students in China and online-offline to enhance the enthusiasm of overseas teenagers in Chinese language learning and achieve the dual goals of language learning and cultural exchange. Relying on the ChinesePlus live course platform, "Chinese Bridge" website, "Chinese Bridge" club App platform of network resources, it uses the Live class + Video class + Online activities course form, to provide diversified learning experience for campers. According to the thematic teaching content of “Language Learning”, “Culture Experience”, “Corporation Practice”, “Round-table Conference”, “Online Sharing”, it leads campers to further know and understand Chinese culture, so as to feel the unique charm of China from a new perspective through cloud technologies and increase the cognitive experience of Chinese culture. On one hand, the campers are able to get experience and perception of China through online teaching and activities. On the other hand, it will enhance the students' knowledge of both languages, cultures and communications, strengthening the foreign language education.


General Courses 通用课程