Tianjin Foreign Studies University



As a mega-city, an international consumer centre and the economic centre of the Bohai Rim Region, Tianjin ranks one of the four major municipalities directly under the Central Government of China. With a total coverage of 11,966.45 square kilometres and a population of 13,866,000, Tianjin boasts the largest port in Northern China, a national logistics hub and one of the first coastal open cities. This course highlights the urban attractions, economic development, cultural features and business environment of Tianjin. Four modules are included: Business Chinese, Classic Tourist Routes of Tianjin, Economy and Business in Tianjin, and Interviews to guest speakers. In addition to teaching Chinese vocabulary and basic terms used in business communication, the course will also invite foreign friends on a virtual tour of Tianjin's classic tourist routes, to lectures on Tianjin's economy and business, so that they can better understand the history and current development of Tianjin in the fields of commerce and finance, port and logistics, business and international communication. This course aims to improve their understanding of China's business environment, master some language expressions and further enhance their communication skills in business Chinese.

天津是中国的四大直辖市之一、也是中国国家中心城市,超大城市、国际消费中心城市和环渤海地区的经济中心 ,总面积11966.45平方千米,常住人口1386.6万人。天津是中国北方最大的港口城市,国家物流枢纽,首批沿海开放城市。


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