Tianjin Foreign Studies University



“Cultural exhibition of meteoric rise in Tianjin”online group exchange program for university students from Russian-speaking countries is a “Chinese Bridge” Chinese language and culture experience program hosted by the Chinese-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Tianjin Foreign Studies University. The combination of experience activities enhances foreign students' understanding of Chinese language and culture, especially the local characteristic culture of Tianjin. With the theme of “Cultural exhibition of meteoric rise in Tianjin”, this online exchange activity prepared different video courses, including “Yangliuqing Painting”, “Clay Figure Zhang”, “The Folk Culture on the Cultural Street”, “Wudadao Streets”, “Italian Street", "Goubuli Baozi", “A Basic Introduction to the Belt and Road Initiative”, “Chinese Characters and Calligraphy” and other different contents, comprehensively demonstrate the development of modern China and Tianjin, show the unique charm of Tianjin culture highlights the beauty of Tianjin.



General Courses 通用课程