Tianjin Foreign Studies University



“Impression·China”, an online group communication program, is an experiential program on the Chinese language and Chinese culture, namely, “Chinese Bridge” which is undertook by Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Through online lecturing and cultural experience activities, the program aims at deepening Arab students’ understanding and experience towards the Chinese language and Chinese culture, and hence providing a favorable cultural environment for the long-term development of friendly relationship between China and Arab countries and enhancing Sino-Arab cultural communication and learning. Lessons of the program “Impression·China” are a combination of real-time lecturing, online activities and video courses. And the program consists of three major modules, which are “School of the Chinese Language”, “Chinese Culture Tour” and “Talks Between Chinese and Arab Students” and they respectively feature linguistic teaching of the Chinese language, teaching based on cultural experiences and mutual communication between Chinese and Arab students, as well as achieving mastery and integration among the three aspects. Centering on eight themes and taking traditional Chinese culture as the carrier, the program launches linguistic and cultural teaching by means of explaining profound theories in simple language and tailors high-quality cloud experience for enthusiasts of the Chinese language at all levels, with the experience’s cultural features being distinctive, teaching content being rich and interactive atmosphere being active.



General Courses 通用课程