Tianjin Foreign Studies University



“Chinese Bridge” Program Online 2021, Tianjin Foreign Studies University – Winter Camp for College Students in Germany and Francophonie – is a program that helps foreigners to get to know Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. It’s hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Tianjin Foreign Studies University. This program aims at the construction of a good cultural atmosphere for the long-term development of friendly relationships between China, Germany and Francophonie as well as a solid humanistic foundation through online-teaching and cultural experience activities. In the process of learning Chinese, foreigners can understand Chinese culture and communications between both sides can be promoted through it. The “Online Winter Camp” provides college students with live streaming Chinese courses (“Chinese Audiovisual Listening and Speaking”), live streaming cultural lectures (“An Overview of Chinese Food ”, “Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments”, “History and Culture of Tianjin ”, “Peking Opera”, etc.) and online recording and broadcasting courses of the Chinese culture (Chinese-French-German trilingual subtitles). Take Tianjin as a representative and a miniature to show Chinese culture and characteristics to the world, and select the most typical local cultural resources in Tianjin, such as “Tianjin Food Culture - Approaching Goubuli Baozi”, “Tianjin Folk Culture - Approaching Yangliuqing New Year Pictures”, “Coming Up to Wudadao”, “Enjoy the Folk Culture on the Cultural Street” , “Peking Opera Makeup and Costumes”, “‘Tai Chi’and Chinese Health Care” and “Four Clinics of Chinese Medicine”, etc., and show the unique charm of Tianjin’s culture and highlight the beauty of this city. An excellent cloud experience with distinctive cultural features, abundant teaching contents, and a highly interactive class atmosphere is tailored specifically for enthusiasts of the Chinese language and Chinese learners of elementary and intermediate level.



General Courses 通用课程