Tianjin Foreign Studies University



Tianjin Foreign Studies University is a university with a complete range of major foreign languages, coordinated development of multi disciplines and distinctive characteristics. “Let’s Chat” seminar for foreign students (hereinafter referred to as "seminar") is a "Chinese Bridge" Chinese language and culture experience project undertaken by Tianjin Foreign Studies University, which aims to deepen the understanding and experience of foreign students on Chinese language and culture and Tianjin local characteristic culture through online teaching and cultural experience activities to enhance the cultural exchange and learning between China and foreign countries. This course will provide foreign students with basic Chinese courses, Chinese and Tianjin local culture courses such as paper-cutting, calligraphy, Zhang clay figurines, Goubuli Baozi (steamed stuffed buns) and so on, and rich and colorful practical cultural activities such as cultural exchange forums, vlog production for students and the like.


General Courses 通用课程