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The Chinese Bridge Delegation Online Project “Protection, Inheritance and Development—A Journey to Seek the Origin of Chinese and German Cities” takes Chinese architecture, cultural relics, former residences of celebrities, stone carvings, murals and other cultural relics and places of interest as the main subjects of live broadcast and recording courses. By introducing the cultural relics, the wonderful stories behind these relics, the influence they have produced, and other cultural essence deeply rooted in the blood of the Chinese nation, as well as the traditional outlook on life, world and values of the Chinese nation, the project demonstrates the great contribution of Chinese culture to the progress of world civilization and the integration and development with world civilization. The project will carry out a series of exciting activities and bring interactive learning experiences for German students participating in the camp through the webcast platform and based on the human background, culture and language knowledge involved in the learning objects in a planned way. From appreciation and analysis of ancient Chinese architecture, online visit to the hometown of Confucius and Dunhuang murals to Xi’an food and classics reading, the project combines cultural attractions with natural landscapes and organically integrates language and cultural knowledge with artistic concepts, realizing the ideological collision of Chinese and Western architecture, art and culture. The project strives to create a Chinese-German cultural origin-seeking journey for the campers, in which Chinese and German cultures are integrated and the beauty of cultures is shared. The online project is divided into modules such as online place visiting, online Chinese class, online cultural experience and flipped classroom. In the form of real-time lectures, the Chinese-German origin-seeking journey will be led by experienced experts and teachers in related fields who will introduce Chinese knowledge and culture related to urban architecture and scenic spots. Experts and scholars will be invited to have online dialogues and interactive exchanges with students. In the origin-seeking journey, students will improve their Chinese language level, enhance the comprehensive understanding of contemporary Chinese society, history and culture and learn about the similarities and difference between Chinese and German culture.




General Courses 通用课程