Beijing Language and Culture University



Traditional Chinese Culture has a long history and rich in philosophical ideas, humanistic spirit, educational thoughts and moral concepts, providing strong spiritual support and profound cultural nourishment for the development of China. Ideas such as keeping improving through reforms, advance with the times, imitation of nature, and the integrality of nature and man have provided useful inspiration for our understanding of the world; and concepts such as reverence for virtue and goodness, “filial piety and loyalty”, “ritual, justice and integrity” have subtly influenced the way Chinese people behave. With the development of the times, in order to harmonize with modern society and to meet spiritual and cultural needs, traditional Chinese culture has undergone creative transformation and innovative development, attracting more and more people in fashionable and delightful forms. Through various forms of literature, art, dance, music, video games and animation, using various platforms such as newspapers, radio, TV, Internet and digital tools, and with the help of various institutions such as cultural museums, art galleries, tourism attractions and enterprises, culture and technology are fused, and cultural creativity and designs are integrated with everyday life, making traditional Chinese culture more and more vibrant. Using modern information technology, this project holds a series of activities such as lectures, Chinese language classes, “cloud tours” and results-sharing exhibitions through carefully designed online courses to help participants learn Chinese language, enhance understanding of traditional Chinese culture, improve knowledge of China's development landscape, learn more about China through sharing, exchanges, seminars, and promote exchanges and mutual appreciation of Asian civilizations.




General Courses 通用课程