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The theme exchange camp of "fun tour of China Cambodia scenic spots" aims to provide participants with an online "face-to-face" exchange platform with Chinese scenic spots, natural scenery and architectural art. From the Forbidden City with red walls and glazed tiles, the legend of the West Lake and Dunhuang art to modern landmark buildings, combine natural scenic spots with relevant language knowledge, culture and artistic ideas, so as to explore the cultural connotation contained in Chinese scenic spots.

“趣游中柬名胜”主题交流营旨在给参营学员提供一个在线上与中国名胜古迹、自然风光、建筑艺术 “面对面”的交流平台。从红墙琉璃瓦的故宫、西湖传说、敦煌艺术,走向现代化地标性建筑,将自然风景名胜与相关的语言知识、文化以及艺术理念相结合,从而挖掘中国风景名胜中所蕴藏的文化内涵。

General Courses 通用课程