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Introduction to Beijing International Chinese College









       Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) was established in September of 2005. It was approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Beijing International Chinese College is a professional educational institution devoted to the international promotion of the Chinese language. It is a 5A China Social Organization, Chinese Language International Promotion Center for “The Belt and Road” Countries, Beijing Chinese Language and Cultural Education Center and so on.

       The college is permitted to accept foreign students and to invite foreign professionals. It can also organize for foreigner teachers to come to China to study, implement training sessions, and to hold various levels of the HSK examination. It has also established Confucius Classrooms in both Nepal and Belarus.

       The college currently employs over 100 part-time and fulltime teachers to teach Chinese culture and Chinese language. Among these teachers, over 80% have an M.A. degree from universities such as Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, and Beijing Foreign Languages and Cultures University. They all have abundant teaching experiences at home and abroad. Some of the teachers previously taught Chinese in Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, and other foreign countries.

       The “three interconnected” campuses of the college fully satisfy the needs of the foreign students during their time studying in Beijing. The main campus is located in the Chaoyang district in Cuigezhuang which is known as “Beijing’s most beautiful village.” It occupies more than half an acre. It contains classrooms, offices, student and faculty apartments, and other facilities. Other than this, the northern campus located within the Gengdan Academy in Shunyi district and the southern campus located on Baijiazhuang Rd. in Sanlitun also provide fully equipped and fully functional places for foreigners to study.

       From the establishment of the college to today, more than 77000 students from over 160 countries have studied the Chinese language, experienced Chinese culture, and have taken Chinese proficiency tests here. At the same time, as a place where the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Beijing Municipal Government hold various programs, the college has been the place where over 100 national and Beijing municipal programs have been held. Over 5000 diplomats, emissaries, and foreign media reporters from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas have participated in various trainings here at the college.

       For many years, the college has continued in the direction of “promoting the Chinese language, transmitting Chinese culture, strengthening the educational and cultural exchange between the people of China and other countries, deepening the friendship between China and other countries, serving the internationalization of Beijing city and the realization of the revitalization of the Chinese dream for the Chinese people.” The college has the followed the pedagogic principles of “learning to be useful, teaching in accordance with needs, mutuality of teacher and student, teaching and learning in tandem.” The college has always implemented the teaching of method of “experiencing Chinese culture while learning the Chinese language and learning the Chinese language while experiencing Chinese culture.” It has formed a pedagogic characteristic of combining Chinese language learning with Chinese cultural experience. Students have greatly welcomed this experiential learning method and have highly praised the level of teaching.