Jinan University



Based on Chinese language teaching and centered on the experience of Traditional Chinese culture, it aims to provide overseas students with the basic knowledge of phonetics, Chinese characters and vocabulary, as well as the ability training related to HSK test. Through some "Chinese character stories", Chinese character culture courses and animation videos, students can understand the evolution process of Chinese characters, understand the functions of Chinese characters, enhance the "sense of shape" of Chinese characters and enhance their interest in learning Chinese characters. Through a series of teaching of the course of Chinese traditional culture, for overseas students to understand the connotation of traditional culture, value and significance, in order to increase the diversity of culture courses and the interest, the project will set up cultural experience activities, such as "online lecture", "interactive online culture", "cultural microscope" and other forms of online courses and live events, let the student through deeply understand the value of Chinese excellent traditional culture connotation.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程