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Shopping in Wuhan

武汉年味浓 在这里逛商圈过大年

With the continuous development of urbanization, there are more and more business districts in Wuhan. These shopping malls have different styles and are full of flavor during the New Year. A good place for people in Wuhan to buy New Year’s goods, Hankou North must be on the list. It gathers good products from all over the world. Thousands of goods are one-stop shopping.Han Street is currently the longest urban commercial pedestrian street in Wuhan. The buildings here have a strong Republic of China color, but also gather many fashion elements and are very cultural. Xudong is a very old business district with a superior geographical location, extensive road network, and superior environment. It is located at Wuchang, the second Yangtze River Bridge. It is a very important commercial center in Wuhan. The JieDaoKou was originally a small crossroads, and there were no taller buildings. Today, Guangbutun is still an IT distribution center, and the JieDaoKou carries more cultural and lifestyle shopping malls. The Wuguang business district is standing in the central business district of Wuhan for 40 years, it is the earliest formed, largest, most prosperous and high-end business district in Wuhan. The Jianghan Road business district is one of the largest business districts in Wuhan. It was first named in the 1920s. The rise and development of Optics Valley relies to a large extent on the state's determination of a major plan for the establishment of China Optics Valley in Wuhan. Here is a 1,350-meter pedestrian shopping street that integrates consumer shopping, leisure and fitness, business office, and hotel residences. It is a multi-functional, full-format, compound commercial

随着城市化的不断发展,武汉的商圈越来越多,这些商场风格各异,在过年期间也都是年味浓浓。武汉人置办年货的好去处,汉口北必须榜上有名,汇聚全球源头好货,万千商品一站式购齐。 汉街,是目前武汉市最长的一条城市商业步行街,这里的建筑有浓浓的民国色彩,又汇聚了诸多时尚元素,非常有文化品位。徐东是一个非常老的商圈,其拥有优越的地理位置,路网四通八达,环境优越,在长江二桥武昌处。其是武汉非常重要的商业中心。 街道口本来是一个小小的十字路口,连高一点的建筑也没有,而如今,广埠屯依旧是IT集散地,街道口承载了更多文化、生活品味较为浓烈气息的商场。武广商圈。屹立武汉中心商圈40年,是武汉最早成型,也是最大,最繁华,最高端的商业圈。江汉路商圈是武汉最大的商圈之一,始名于上个世纪20年代。 光谷兴起和发展,很大程度依托国家确定在武汉建立中国光谷的重大规划方案。这里是由一条1350米步行商业街串起来的集消费购物,休闲健身,商务办公,酒店居住于一体的,多功能,全业态,复合型商业步行街。