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The West Lake in Hangzhou


Hangzhou is a paradise in southeast China with its abundant natural beauty. Visitors from other parts of the world exceeded 2.54 million in 2011. Indeed, Hangzhou has become a famous scenic city for people from all over the world. A renowned old Chinese saying goes like Above is paradise, below is Suzhou and Hangzhou. The West lake, a pearl in the paradise is the best part of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capital cities of China. Our course target on the basic introduction of the West lake. We will lead you to see not only those famous gardens and lake but also enjoy its rich historical and culture relics. We hope that after enrolling this course, all of you could get the chance to have a taste of these highlights.

杭州位于中国东南部,是一片拥有丰富自然景观的天堂。从2011年开始每年来杭游玩人数就超过两百五十四万余人次。杭州在全世界都享有盛誉。有一句谚语曾说过”。 上有天堂下有苏杭“。西湖,是杭州天堂里面的一颗明珠。杭州作为中国的七朝古都之一。我们的课程旨在介绍杭州的西湖。我们不仅会带领你们领略杭州的著名园林等景区,还会向你们介绍杭州丰富的历史文化遗迹。我们希望在你们学完这个课程之后,有机会能实地来领略这些杭州美丽的景点。