Resource Pool 资源库课程

Chinese Paper-Cutting


Paper-cutting, one of the traditional Chinese folk arts, is the world's artistic treasure, like an ivy, ancient and evergreen, with profound cultural heritage. For thousands of years, paper-cutting art, has been widely spread among the people with its unique style and charm. The Chinese Paper-Cutting Course of "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp for Belarusian Students is divided into two lectures. In the first lecture, the lecturer will introduce the history of Chinese paper-cutting art, the theme of paper-cutting, and the tools needed for paper-cutting. In addition, the teacher will also lead the students to practice three-fold paper-cutting and six-fold paper-cutting in the first lecture. In the second lecture, the teacher lead the students to practice four-fold paper-cutting, eight-fold paper-cutting, and introduce the continuous pattern of paper-cutting. By learning this course, students can feel the essence of Chinese culture, enhance their cultural accomplishment, and achieve the purpose of cultivating themselves and improving their personality.