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Chinese Calligraphy


As the quintessence of Chinese civilization, calligraphy is an important part of the culture part of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This course takes calligraphy teaching as the starting point, and aims at cultivating students' literacy and calligraphy skills, which can not only let Belarusian students feel the beauty from calligraphy, discover beauty, and then create beauty, but also enable them to learn calligraphy to some extent, master the writing of basic strokes, and appreciate and grasp the artistic style and characteristics of Chinese Calligraphy as a whole. The Chinese Calligraphy Course of "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp for Belarusian Students is divided into two lectures. In the first lecture, the lecturer will explain the evolution of Chinese characters and calligraphy. In the second lecture, the lecturer will introduce the writing tools such as pen, ink, paper and inkstone, the posture of holding the pen, sitting posture of writing, explain the characteristics of and posting customs of Spring Festival couplets, and demonstrate how to write a pair of Spring Festival couplets.