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Chinese Painting


Chinese painting is an important part of Chinese national culture. It emphasizes vivid charm, artistic conception, sensibility and calligraphy, forms an independent painting system and is unique in the world art field. The Chinese Painting Course of "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp for Belarusian Students is divided into two lectures. In the first lecture, the lecturer introduces the origin and masters of Chinese painting, painting tools and techniques, and teaches students how to identify Chinese painting from various paintings. In the second lecture, the lecturer will interpret the painting theme of this lecture - the implication and characteristics of the gourd, introduce the painting tools, the way of holding writing pens and basic techniques of the gourd, and lead the students to appreciate the Chinese gourd freehand brushwork paintings. The course takes the form of combination of explanation and demonstration, so that students can learn Chinese painting in a relaxed state and feel the profound cultural heritage of Chinese painting.