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千年古都 常来长安

Dear students, do you wish to experience the culture of hanfu (Han clothing)? Do you wish to try the local Chinese flavor gourmet? Do you wish to enjoy the unique scenery in China? Do you wish to get a taste of the convenient life brought by advanced technology? If you do, be sure to visit Xi'an. Through this video, you will enjoy the unique tourist attractions and the charming scenery in Xi’an, feel the long history of the Tang Dynasty, and learn the prosperity of modern Xi’an. Charming Xi'an is looking forward to your visit.

亲爱的留学生朋友,你想亲身体验汉服文化吗?你想品尝中国特色美食吗?你想领略独特的自然风光吗?你想感受科技化的便捷生活吗?如果你想,就一定要来西安看一看。 通过这个视频你可以欣赏到西安独具特色的旅游景点,风光旖旎的自然景色,感受唐朝的悠久历史,现代的繁华都市。 大美西安,欢迎你的到来。