Resource Pool 资源库课程

Traditional Chinese Medicine


The World Health Organization has proposed to change the biomedical model from the past to the mode of combining life, society, environment and psychology for the purpose of treating diseases, which is in line with the concept of "treating disease before disease" and "unity of nature and man" in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine can cure and prevent diseases, and has unique advantages in health care. Through four videos, the indications of acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, scraping and cupping and auricular point pressing, drug fumigation and external washing were introduced respectively, and the corresponding routine operation methods and precautions were displayed.

世界卫生组织已经提出,要以治病为目的,从过去的生物医学模式转变为生活、社会、环境、心理相结合的模式,这正符合传统医药的“治未病”、“天人合一”的理念。中医药既可以治病,又可以防病,在养生保健等方面具有独特优势。 通过4段视频,分别介绍针刺与艾灸、推拿、刮痧拔罐与耳穴按压、药物熏蒸与外洗四组临床常用中医药特色疗法的适应症,并展示相应的常规操作方法及注意事项。