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Chinese Knotting


Chinese knotting is a unique folk hand-knitting art in China. With its unique oriental charm and rich and colorful changes, it fully embodies the wisdom and profound cultural heritage of Chinese people. The Chinese Knotting Course of "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp for Belarusian Students is divided into two lectures. In the first lecture, the lecturer will introduce the history of Chinese knot, display the works of Chinese knot, and complete the production of cross knots, which is one of the commonly used Chinese knots. In the second lecture, the lecturer will introduce the meaning, color and the shape of auspicious knot, the use of foam board and double-sided adhesive, and the method of making auspicious knot. The course takes the form of combination of explanation and demonstration, so that students can learn Chinese knots in a relaxed state and feel the fun of knitting Chinese knots.