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Chinese Paper-Cutting


Chinese paper-cutting is a kind of folk art that uses scissors or a carving knife to cut patterns on paper to decorate life or cooperate with other folk activities. Paper cutting combines various objects, especially some conventional images to express people’s feelings and good wishes. Using situational, heuristic and interactive teaching methods, this lecture will introduce some basic knowledge about paper cutting including its cultural connotation, paper-cut skills, tools and methods. With practical operation and training, students can not only master basic skills of paper cutting, but also further understand Chinese folk art, so that they can appreciate both the material and spiritual beauty of paper cutting.

中国剪纸是一种用剪刀或刻刀在纸上剪刻花纹,用于装点生活或配合其他民俗活动的民间艺术。它把多种物象组合在一起, 特别是约定俗成的一些形象,去表达人们的情感并给予美好祝愿。课程采用情境式、启发式、互动式的综合教学方法,来介绍剪纸的历史、剪纸的技巧、工具以及方法等基础知识。通过教授剪纸的技术与实际的演练,不仅使学生掌握剪纸的基本技能,并且加深他们对中国民间艺术的理解,让他们领略到剪纸的制作之美和精神之美。