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Chinese Characters & Chinese Culture


"The calligraphy and painting homology" is the point of view that the academic community more agree with currently. Writing is under the circumstances of original "getting inspirations by observing human bodies and the universe reproduces more according to the type of pictographic. Through the evolution of "linear simplification" and "writing simplification", the seal script, official script and cursive script appeared. Alphabetic characters: strokes form letters, then letters form words; Chinese characters: strokes form components, then components combine characters. The main difference between these two is the diffirent ways of combination: the letters of alphabetic characters are one-dimensional which form word from left to right; the components of Chinese characters are horizontal, vertical and interwoven, which are two-dimensional. Some of the components themselves are Chinese characters, but most Chinese characters are composed of components. To master the components of Chinese characters and the way of their composition is to master the code of learning Chinese characters.