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Wuhan Breakfast and Midnight Snac

食在武汉 美味江城

There is a Chinese saying: The plan for a day lies in the morning! Talking about the importance of this morning, and the most important thing is breakfast. Those who are busy in the morning, get up early and eat a delicious, full, nutritious breakfast, and the day's work will start smoothly. Breakfast in China is first of all rich in variety, different from north to south, and secondly, it is exquisite and delicious.Wuhan in Central China is known as the "Breakfast Capital" Wuhan, known as the "Breakfast Capital", calls breakfast "GuoZao" Unlike the slow-paced morning tea in Guangzhou, people in Wuhan usually have no time to sit down and eat slowly, holding them in their hands or in their bags, and rushing to work or school in a hurry. So the hot dry noodles, Doupi (a pan-fried delicacy of glutinous rice and minced meat), and Salty doughnut followed the people and shuttled through the streets and alleys of the three towns in Wuhan. This is a citywide movement once a day in Wuhan-"GuoZao".