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Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage Hakka Porcelain Painting


Hakka porcelain painting has a history of more than 200 years. In the mid Qing Dynasty, a group of folk artists who made Hakka culture the theme of creations emerged in Ganzhou, the cradle of Hakka. They painted Hakka cultural landscape and some blessing pattern son porcelain boards, bottles, plates and other ceramics. Through several generations of study, it gradually formed a unique Hakka porcelain painting skill. Combined with the characteristics of ceramics that never fade and are easy to retain, Hakka porcelain painting has played an important role in the spread, inheritance and study of Hakka culture. In this course, Master Jiang Hongliang, the municipal inheritor of intangible cultural heritage Hakka porcelain paintings, will lead us to appreciate Hakka porcelain paintings and experience their creation.