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The Hakka Enclosed House Culture in Longnan City


Longnan City, Jiangxi Province, is known as the hometown of enclosed houses in China and the capital of enclosed houses in the world. There are 376 well-preserved Hakka enclosed houses distributed in its territory. Its quantity, scale, style and preservation are the most in the country, and were awarded the "Hometown of Enclosed Houses" in China by the Shanghai World Guinness Headquarters. The Longnan Hakka Enclosed House is the crystallization of Hakka people's wisdom and an important symbol of Hakka culture. It is not only a China's unique residential building, also praised by many domestic and foreign experts as "the ancient Roman castle of the East" and the world's most brilliant residential architecture. This cultural experience course will take you into the Longnan Hakka Enclosed House, feel the charm of the "Oriental Roman Castle" in close distance, and deepen the understanding of Chinese architectural culture.