The coastline of Shandong occupies 1/6 of the coastlines of China. The city of sun in the East Rizhao, the beautiful capital of sailboats Qingdao, the habitable city for mankind Weihai, the fairyland Yantai, the world capital of kites Weifang and the coastal city Binzhou constitute a reputable coastal fairyland in the east of China and sketch out a magnificent scroll painting of the coast of Shandong.


阳光海岸  活力日照 Sunshine beach and lively Rizhao


Rizhao, located in the southeast of Shandong, is an important city that nurtured the Dawenkou Culture and Longshan Culture. Four to five thousand years ago, the prosperous Rizhao city used to dazzle Asia. In the Qin Dynasty, Langya Prefecture was well known across the nation for the fact that it was where the sun ray first reached. The city is surrounded by mountains and embraced by the sea. With beautiful landscapes and mild weather, it is described as “the city of sun in the East”. Under the clear sky, over the glistening sea, white sails and gulls flit across the water. The sea and the sky connect with each other. In the splendour of sunset, yellow sand dances in the air. Today, as the prettiest coastal city in China, Rizhao is undeniably charming. 


日照 Rizhao

国际大都市—青岛 International metropolis - Qingdao


Laoshan, Qingdao is the main peak on the Shandong Peninsula. The mountain is famous for its charming water, marvellous cloud, towering mountains and the beautiful sea. It is the “most renowned mountain over the ocean”. Further, Laoshan is also a prestige mountain for Taoism in China. 


崂山 Laoshan


Zhanqiao pier, an iconic image of Qingdao, is a “long-stretched rainbow”. The “Huilan Pavilion” at the end of the pier is one of the most spectacular views in Qingdao. From here, the sea is in your sight, and you could also see Qingdao on a ship from the sea.  


栈桥 Zhanqiao


The Eight Great Passes in Qingdao are eight streets named after famous passes in ancient times in China. These buildings adopt architectural styles from more than 20 countries including Britain, Russia, Japan, France and Germany. There is nowhere else that brings out the "red tiles, green trees, clear ocean and blue sky” better than this place. It is an “exposition of global architecture”.  


八大关 Eight Great Passes


The Qingdao International Sailing Centre is surrounded by mountains, facing the sea. It has a splendid view. It hosted the Olympic and the 13th Paralympic Sailing competitions in 2008. As the “capital of sailboats”, the Qingdao International Sailing Centre is a glossy business card for Qingdao. It is well recognized by domestic and international visitors. 


奥帆中心 Qingdao International Sailing Centre

人类宜居城市—威海 A habitable city for mankind - Weihai

依山傍海的威海是美丽的花园城市,这里海天一色,风光旖旎,宜居,怡人。威海成山头位于中国海岸线最东端,是中国最早看见日出的海上高角,素有“中国好望角”之称。2004年,成山头景区作为中国边陲而入选国家名片,2005年被《中国国家地理》评为“中国最美的八大海岸”之一, 2011年被国务院批准为首批国家级海洋公园。 据《史记》记载,成山头古时是日神所居之地,历代帝王多有成山头祭日之举。

Weihai, surrounded by mountains while facing the sea, is a pretty garden city. The sea and the sky are blended together here, presenting a breathtaking view for its habitants. Chengshantou, Weihai is located at the farthest east end of the China’s coastline. It is a highland over the sea that greets the sun first in China and is known as the “Cape of Good Hope in China”. In 2004, the Chengshantou Scenic Area was included into the state name card as a Chinese border town. In 2005, it was included into the “eight prettiest beaches in China” by “Chinese National Geography”. In 2011, Chengshantou was approved as one of the first national marine parks by the State Council. According to the “Records of the Grand Historian”, Chengshantou was where the sun deity resided. Many emperors in ancient times worshipped the sun at Chengshantou.


成山头 Chengshantou


Yintan, Rushan in Weihai is known for its great forest, clear water, treacherous reefs and serpentine beach. Combined with mountains, sea, islands, lakes, rivers and springs, this place is a natural resort. It is called the “prettiest beach in the world” and “Eastern Hawaii”.


乳山银滩 Yintan, Rushan

仙境海岸  鲜美烟台 Coastal fairyland and beautiful Yantai


It is rumoured that Penglai was one of the three mountains for immortals on the sea. The well-known legend of the “Eight Immortals” started from here. Penglai Pavilion, Tengwang Pavilion, Yellow Crane Tower and Yueyang Tower are, collectively, regarded as the Four Great Towers in ancient China. The main building of Penglai Pavilion has a double-tiered East Asian hip and gable roof, surrounded by cloisters. As you ascend and gaze around, you would find the amazing mountain and the charming water lay underneath. Every year between spring and summer and summer and fall when the sky is clear and sea tranquil, mirages sometimes occur. 


蓬莱阁 Penglai Pavilion


The Mou’s Manor is situated at the ancient Du Village to the north of Qixia City in Shandong Province. It is known as a “little Palace Museum among folks in China”.  


牟氏庄园 Mou’s Manor


Long Island is composed of 32 islands. It is the only island county in Shandong Province. The immortal mountain that Qin Shi Huang and Emperor Wu of Han spied back then from Danya Mountain in Penglai was actually Long Island. It is described as a “fairyland on the sea”. 


长岛 Long Island

世界鸢都—潍坊 World capital of kites - Weifang


The history of kites in China can be dated back to at least 2,400 years ago. The earliest kite was also used for military purposes, such as detecting signals, capturing wind directions and communication. During the Spring and Autumn period, Gongshu Ban used to “make wooden kites to pry into the city of the Song State”. Kites in Weifang are made of carefully selected materials. They often have elegant designs, crafted with exquisite techniques, beautifully decorated while possessing a unique charm. Every year during the Weifang International Kite Festival, contestants from dozens of countries all over the world participate in competitions.  


孙子故里——滨州 Native town of Sun Tzu - Binzhou


Binzhou is the native town of the eminent ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu. It is situated in the inner part of the delta area of the Yellow River, with a long history and rich culture. Close to rivers and the sea, Binzhou is the birthplace of the Yellow River culture and the Qi culture. The “Yellow River labor chant” in Binzhou is famous for its unsophisticated, bold and solemn art style. It creates a glorious page in the history of the ancient Yellow River culture.  


At present, Shandong is actively pressing ahead with the construction of the coastal cultural zone, which encompasses a number of cities including Rizhao, Weihai, Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang and Binzhou. The primary cultural heritage includes the Maritime Silk Road cultural heritage, modern and contemporary coastal architecture, coastal underwater cultural heritage, the salt industry in the Yellow River delta area, Cultural Relics of Yaowangcheng, and so on. 


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